I use the 500mg CBD oil for my chronic headaches. Before I started taking this CBD oil every morning, I would always have a major headache at work by noon. I don’t have the mid-day headaches anymore and I know it’s thanks to the CBD oil. I also buy the 1,000mg CBD oil for my mother-in-law with severe pain and it has helped her tremendously.

Terri B

I have been taking a few drops of the 500mg oil before bed to help with my insomnia. The quality of my sleep has improved a lot and I now fall asleep rather quickly.

Sabrina G

I suffer from chronic back pain and usually can’t sit or stand for too long. I started taking a dropper full of the 1,000mg CBD oil twice a day for pain management at work. This stuff is AMAZING! I no longer hesitate to bend over to pick up heavy boxes. I almost forgot what it was like to be at work without pain.

Gary S

I recently had knee surgery and it is still very hard to walk. After applying the CBD Body Butter to my knee, I was able to walk around and forget that I even had knee pain. I now use the Body Butter 3 times a day and won’t leave the house without it. Certainly will be buying more soon.

Janet H

As a college student, my anxiety is constantly through the roof. I was very hesitant to try cbd oil, but I became desperate. I started using a dropper full of the 500mg CBD oil every morning and noticed a huge difference by day 3. I am now so calm and focused in the mornings! I sometimes put the oil in my coffee too.

Marina T

I started taking a dropper full of the 1,000mg CBD oil once a day for my knee pain. I no longer feel pain during the day, even if I use the stairs. Will be purchasing more soon.

Josh S

I use the CBD Body Butter for my arthritis and the 500mg CBD oil for my dog’s anxiety. I’m able to work in my garden without pain as long as I apply the Body Butter to my hands first and my dog is confident enough to play with my other dogs outside now. My dog also no longer makes an anxious whimpering sound when left alone.

Nancy W