5 Reasons To Try A CBD Topical Today

5 Reasons To Try A CBD Topical Today

There are so many terms used to label CBD Topicals: CBD Cream, CBD Lotion, CBD Body Butter, CBD Salve, CBD Balm, CBD Ointment, you name it. All these different terms used for CBD topicals may have you wondering “What makes these CBD Topicals different from well known CBD oil tinctures? Can’t I just use CBD oil topically?”

CBD oil tinctures are designed to be ingested orally whereas CBD Topicals are designed to be rubbed directly onto the skin. CBD Topicals, such as Humble’s CBD Body Butter, have formulations that include additional ingredients to enhance an analgesic anti-inflammatory effect and ensure maximum skin absorption for long lasting effects. So although cbd oil can be applied topically, a cbd topical may give you noticeably better and longer results.

So now that you know the difference between CBD oils and CBD Topicals, let’s dive into the 5 Reasons Why You Should Try a CBD Topical Today:


1. Best “intro” product for CBD-Newbies 

If you or a loved one are new and concerned about how consuming CBD will affect you due to Cannabis stigma, trying a hemp-derived CBD topically is the most innocent and convincing way that leads to many long term cbd users of all type of products: cbd oil, cbd edibles, cbd flower, cbd bath bombs, etc.

CBD Topicals are the best “intro” product because it can not get you high even if it was a marijuana extract instead of a hemp extract product. Those that are hesitant to ingest anything related to “the devils lettuce” will quickly reconsider after experiencing the quick benefits of an innocent CBD cream. It also ensures you will have zero chances of testing positive on a drug test, whereas with cbd oil – there is a small chance of testing positive due to Hemp’s THC entering the bloodstream.


2. Targeted Pain Relief

Unlike CBD oil, the benefits of a CBD topical are localized. Especially for people with chronic or joint and muscle pain, CBD topicals are often more effective and quicker. CBD Topicals like Humble’s CBD Body Butter are ideally used to target surface areas to treat muscle pain, nerve pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, spasms, and tension because topical CBD does not reach the bloodstream.

Instead of treating your entire body or system, you’re simply spot treating an area where you’re having acute or severe pain. Great results have also been documented for menstrual cramps, headaches, and migraines, although scientific validation for treating these issues through the use of topicals has not yet been confirmed.

3. Alleviating skin conditions

The skin also has its own endocannabinoid system, which helps keep the skin healthy and balanced. Just like the rest of the Endocannabinoid System throughout the human body, homeostasis is the system’s goal. This is directly why CBD topicals are useful anti inflammatories and can produce healthy glowing skin because the root cause of most skin problems (such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and aging) is usually some type of an imbalance in the skin. Pretty much any and every ailment you can think of on your skin, including burns and annoying bug bites, a CBD topical will certainly help heal.


4. Treating Dry cracked skin for humans and pets

We have all at some point in our lives become victims of rough, dry, cracked skin. This can be painful and caused from unbalanced skin PH, cold weather, dry air, exposure to harsh chemicals, dehydration, health conditions, and the list goes on and on. Regardless if your dry skin is on your hands or on your legs, a CBD topical will nourish and heal your cracked skin better than anything.

Not only is this an incredible healing tool for you, but also for your precious pets. Active dogs and cats often suffer from dry cracked paws, especially if they are outside pets. To see how drastically CBD topicals can help your pets paws, checkout this linked post of Before and After pictures using Humble’s CBD Body Butter.


5. Supports Exercise Recovery 

While some inflammation can stimulate training adaptations, excess inflammation can slow down your exercise recovery. Since cannabinoids have an anti-inflammatory effect, CBD topicals can help your body recover significantly faster. CBD helps address delayed onset-muscle soreness, general muscle tension, and inflammation – all of which often results after any form of exercise.

We at Humble Hemp Products recommend applying CBD topicals after your post-workout shower. This allows the topical to be applied on fresh clean skin to fully be absorbed instead of being sweated out or accidentally rubbed off. Keep in mind CBD topicals are best applied to clean skin during times where you aren’t exerting much physical energy, such as when resting at home or at your desk.

CBD Topicals will continue to be life-changing products due to their near-instantaneous relief provided. Consistent application typically leads to better results, especially for chronic ailments. CBD topicals are great for even the smallest ailments, such as shoulder tension from stress, and provide astonishing relief for severe ailments, such as chronic physical illnesses.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a CBD topical. So if those 5 reasons to take CBD Topical made you ready to experience the benefits of CBD Topicals, order a jar or two of Humble’s Premium 500mg CBD Body Butter.

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