How to Choose a Safe CBD Oil for Your Pet 

How to choose a safe CBD oil for you pet (dog or cat)

How to Choose a Pet Safe CBD Oil

With CBD products booming all over the US, it can be hard to know what products to buy and what information is true. So many people fall victim to purchasing low quality CBD from gas stations or even worse – fake CBD oil from Amazon that is really only hemp seed oil.


If you are looking for a safe and effective CBD oil for your dog or cat, keep reading to learn how to choose a safe CBD oil for your four-legged family members.


The truth behind “Pet CBD Oil”

If you are one of the many consumers that will buy based on marketing and avoid doing research, you may have already bought a few different types of “Pet CBD oils” and are wondering why none have noticeably helped your pet yet.


The truth behind most Pet CBD oil on the market today is that they are simply significantly lower strength human CBD oils sold at a higher price, since they are “specialized” for your pet. When I say specialized for your pet, I only mean that the company labeled the bottle “dog CBD oil” or “cat CBD oil”.


Some brands add flavorings to their pet CBD oil that may help the oil be more enticing to some pets such as “bacon flavored” or “salmon flavored” pet CBD oil, but keep in mind that these tinctures tend to be low strength. So you may need to give your pet multiple serving at a time to achieve desired effects.


There are many companies that sell “pet CBD oil” that claim human CBD oil is toxic to pets, but please realize they are just trying to make more sales on their pet CBD oil. Dogs and cats process CBD through their endocannabinoid system just like we do.


The truth is that if the CBD oil is safe for human consumption, it’s most likely just as safe for pet consumption. There are just a few things to look out for considering the widely expanding and unregulated CBD product market.


What to look for in Pet CBD Oil

The most important thing to look for first when trying to determine if a CBD oil is safe for your pet is checking that the product is lab tested. If the company does not have any certificates of analysis, don’t buy the product. If the company does have a certificate of analysis, check to make sure the report shows the amount of CBD listed on the bottle is actually present in the lab report.


Many products on the market have significantly less CBD in the bottle than is listed on the label. Some great companies will even make sure there is always a little more CBD in each bottle, such as a 1000mg CBD oil bottle showing 1095mg CBD on the lab report.


It is also good to check the date of the last lab report because the more recent the better. If the last lab report is from 3 years ago, you may want to contact the company and ask if there is a more recent lab report you can review.


The second most important thing to look for when trying to determine a safe CBD oil for your pet is ingredients. The more minimal ingredients, the better.


What you can expect to see on a lot of CBD oil ingredients lists is the CBD-rich hemp extract infused with some type of carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Avoid CBD oils with potentially dangerous artificial flavoring such as Xylitol.


You want to find the most organic CBD oil for your dog/cat and by choosing a product with minimal ingredients (such as just hemp extract infused in coconut oil), you are avoiding the possibility of buying a CBD oil with unhealthy additives or fillers.


The last important thing to check is if you are sourcing from a trust-worthy company. If you are in the United States, avoid purchasing CBD oil from other countries. If you purchase your CBD oil online check to make sure the products are sourced and manufactured in the United States.


You might also want to check the company’s “about me” page to get to know their story and company’s intentions. If you can actually see pictures and videos of the company owner on the site, it’s probably a well trusted company.


If you’re ready to purchase Pet-Safe effective CBD Oil, checkout Humble’s Regular Strength CBD Oil.

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